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A significant amount of our expertise has centered around the development and implementation of the ion-conducting chalcogenide based memristor element. This work has encompassed a variety of facets including:

  • Core device characterization and model extraction
  • High frequency device characterization
  • The memristor in threshold logic applications
  • Reconfigurable logic circuits using the memristor
  • Neuromorphic circuits, including the memristor based synthetic synapse
  • An FPGA-like fabric using the memristor as a programmable element
  • The development of a memristor based micro-processor exclusively for the Department of Defense

Located in Boise, Idaho, we are a small team of engineers with a big passion for technology and a drive to lower the bar between futuristic computing and reality. Beginning in 2010, our company has believed that the future of electronics rests with seamlessly integrating biological processes into control systems. While originally building our expertise through government contracting work with the Department of Defense, we felt that the key to expanding neuromorphic technology rested in putting it into the hands of the world. By increasing the use and availability of adaptive intelligence products in research, education, and personal experimentation, our goal is to further the world's technological prowess with advanced computing and neuromorphic systems by making it available to anyone, anywhere. 

About Us

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  • In 2010, Bio Inspired Technologies was awarded a Phase I DoD award from the Air Force Research Labs to design a series of memristor based circuits and circuit control boards. The project included wafer level fabrication of memristive devices and custom designed test boards to interface the devices to a National Instruments PXI mainframe and included the required control software. 
  • In 2011, Bio Inspired Technologies was awarded a contract to design and build an experimental memristor test system. The purpose was to design a system capable of sending 32 precisely synchronized pulse signals to packaged memristor components. The system was custom designed to experiment with memristors and the Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity phenomenon and included the required control and measurement software.
  • In 2012 Bio Inspired Technologies was awarded a Phase II DoD award from the Air Force Research Labs to design and fabricate a memristor based processor. This work resulted in many succesful and novel techniques for integrating the memristor directly into CMOS based architectures.
  • In 2014 Bio Inspired Technologies successfullylicensed the ion-conducting chalcogenide based memristor technology developed by Boise State University under an exclusive manufacturing agreement.
  • In 2014, Bio Inspired Technologies entered the UAV autonomous control market, applying our significant expertise in adaptive technology to the problem of providing intelligent, learning based control systems.
  • The introduction of the first product in our Neuro-Core line of adaptive intelligence products began in March of 2015.

At Bio Inspired Technologies, we are experts at prototyping advanced technologies. Our experience begins with design and simulation and includes both integrated circuit design, printed circuit board design, and firmware development. Our significant semiconductor fabrication experience enables us to successfully guide both the design and fabrication process to completion.

Additionally, our expertise includes prototyping and supporting microchip designs using common FPGA and ARM micro-controller architectures and tool sets, providing cost effective design and test solutions for prototyping ideas. This ability also extends to the construction and control of instrument based probing and measurement systems targeting advanced technologies.