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​​In addition to our primary design and process experience, we also provide our knowledge and services with Back End Of Line (BEOL) integration support, including:

  • ​Process monitoring structures
  • Scribe-line structures
  • Prototype wire-bonding and dicing
  • Test support and parameter extraction
  • Professional design documentation
  • RF calibration modules

Resourceful and Effective

Background and Experience

  • Tailored analog circuits
  • Memory architectures and access circuits
  • Mixed signal designs
  • FPGA architectures with standard and novel technologies
  • Demonstration-level microcontroller and microprocessor design
  • SPICE design, simulation, and verification
  • ​Layout and mask design

​​Extend your design budget and effectiveness by allowing us to produce efficient integrated circuit prototypes using your concepts and our resources.

Our team has significant processing experience and design insight, including experience with multi-project Metal Oxide Semiconductor Implementation Service (MOSIS) fabrication cycles and whole wafer fabrication cycles. By using the resources available through the MOSIS fabrication consortium, we are able to cost-effectively prototype your designs with process features such as:

  • Inexpensive first-pass prototyping at a 500nm technology node
  • Advanced technology nodes down to 90nm or less
  • Use standard PDK's or your custom PDK
  • Short-cycle processing loops
  • Memristor technologies
  • Magnetic memory and magnetic sensor technologies
  • Spin valves and novel spintronic-based devices
  • Sensors
  • Neuromorphic circuits
  • RF circuits
  • BiCMOS and CMOS-based technologies
  • Custom digital logic designs

For the last five years, we have been involved with custom integrated circuit design projects for the Department of Defense. Along with years of previous design work in industry, we have become experts in the design and integration of experimental devices and technologies into existing process nodes. Our knowledge and experience has extended into projects involving:

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Customized Integrated Circuit Design