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Bio Inspired Technologies

Inspiration by nature... Technology by design

Our Story

Bio Inspired Technologies began as integrated circuit designers in 2010, designing hardware based Neural Networking processors for a variety of customers. Our work centered around the memristor, an integrated device that can be designed to emulate the biological neuron.

Our work quickly evolved to the design and implementation of autonomous systems ranging from intelligent control to comprehensive artificial intelligence based detection and analysis systems. 

With the significant improvements in GPU design, as well as the development of comprehensive software based artificial intelligence systems, we quickly shifted away from strictly hardware based solutions.

Our current path is the design and implementation of artificial intelligence systems, machine learning systems, and computer vision systems. We provide unique solutions, platforms, and algorithms intended to solve difficult, real-world problems. Open source intelligence (OSINT), autonomous infrastructure inspection systems, Deep Learning applications, and AI based vision systems are our passion.  

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