The Neuro-Core Memristor Evaluation Board

The idea behind the Neuro-Core Memristor Evaluation Board is to bypass the need for expensive semiconductor parameter analyzers and testing equipment by providing a board that handles it for you. With the Evaluation Board, we can expand memristor experimentation beyond research labs and into the realm of classrooms and enthusiasts.

However, designing a board that has the ability to affordably get around highly expensive research equipment is an ambitious project, and it is still under development. Stay tuned in the coming months for more details and release dates.

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Raw Test Die

44-Pin PLCC

16-Pin DIP


The first official product of the Neuro-Core line, the Neuro-Bit memristors are fully functional, research-grade memristors accessable as single devices. Based on the ion-conducting memristive element, the Neuro-Bit device leverages biologically inspired synapse-like properties through the use of a metallic dendrite.

To accommodate various research methods or projects, the Neuro-Bits are available in multiple forms of packaging:

In addition to putting memristors into the hands and researchers and academics worldwide, the Bio Inspired Technologies Neuro-Core banner is our own line of adaptive intelligence products that seek to drive the technology beyond device commercialization.

​Through our own company projects and government contracting work, we have created a catalog of memristor-based neuromorphic systems that we plan on releasing as new Neuro-Core applications over time. The first product, and ground-floor of the technology, is our Neuro-Bit memristor, which is now available for experimentation and use by the public.

We are excited to further our own work into intelligent targeting systems, pattern recognition, resistive memory, artificial neural networks, and memristor-based processors and FPGA architectures, and we will continue to add them to our Neuro-Core line as the work progresses.

The Neuro-Core Line of Adaptive Intelligence Products

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